Orange County Interior Plant Service Goes Green!

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Here is what we at Personal Plant Service are doing to go more Green:

  1. We educate our clients on the benefits of plants, and created this website that will keep our commitment to education on going.
  2. All of our crew at the Personal Plant Service love plants and have them in our homes and our office, so we practice what we preach!
  3. We create our holiday’s gifts around giving our clients ideas in how they could be more green.

  4. We donate to and support Green Plants for Green Buildings.
  5. We are very careful in how we establish our routes and schedule our employees to conserve energy and gas. We have moved a lot of our service accounts to Bi-Monthly rather than weekly.
  6. We use  plant cleaners to keep our insects controlled, rather than using toxic chemicals. We do not use Pesticides!
  7. We use re-usable PAWS (felt cleaners for plants) and rags to clean our plants.
  8. We recycle everything we can!
  9. We use re-usable shopping bags when we do our shopping.
  10. We continue to search for and use products that are earth friendly.
  11. We  support our local Orange County Farmers Markets, and even grow some our own food!
  12. We switched out many of our lights to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL's) As well as having a programmable thermostat and fans in the office.

EVENT: Be an A-Plus Rated Plant Technician

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Technicians are the most important link in the customer connection, getting an A-plus rating from your clients depends on them. In this interactive hands on seminar technicians will learn the importance of Appearance, Attitude and Action and how this can effect the company's bottom line profit. A must for new as well as seasoned technicians. You will learn: -To look you best and present yourself professionally -To have a positive, problem-solving attitude -The importance of your position and to evaluate how you represent your company and customers Who Should Take This Class: Interiorscape technicians, owners, and managers. If you need to earn PLANET continuing education units, or simply want to retain customers, then this is the c lass for you! Instructor: Deb Ringler is a Certified Landscape Professional and a Licensed PCA who has 27 years experience in the field as owner of Personal Plant Service. Her current passion is sharing her knowledge with others by teaching an Interior Landscape course at Orange Coast College. Registration Begins: 11:45 Tour: 12:00-1:00 Session Time: 1:00-4:00 City: San Marcos, CA Date: July 14, 2010 Location: West Coast Nurseries 147 Buena Creek Rd, San Marcos, CA 92069 Phone: 760.682.1252 BONUS: Tour of West Coast Nurseries!!!