A Fresh View of Interior Plants: Plantscape Industry Expo 2011

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Plantscape Industry Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I can’t lie, I was pretty apprehensive at first.  I am only 6 months old in this industry and still learning how to maintain the plants and keep the customer as happy as possible, I haven’t even really started thinking about the business/vendor side of the plant world.  So when I was asked if I wanted to go, I was a little anxiety filled not wanting to flood my brain or overload myself with yet even more information.  I can now say after going, it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for the job. The lectures that I attended were very informative, motivating, and had my brain thinking of new ways to improve upon not only my job but the entire company I work for.  My favorite one was about using the iPad as a business tool, I am a firm believer that a company should utilize all of the new technology that It can, it’s proven to boost sales, engage interest, and it makes you look like even more a professional when you can present something to the client that they can visualize and create changes to immediately if needed. I was also very motivated and inspired by the keynote speaker, Mark Hoog who encouraged all of the attendees to find the leader within you as a person.  What struck me about the presentation is that it wasn’t directed to just us as a plantscape community, it was directed to everyone, no matter what you wanted to do or were doing.  He inspired the audience to always be true to yourself and your passions no matter what they may be and use that as a catalyst to unlock and create a leadership role for yourself to motivate, encourage, and inspire others to obtain the most out of their jobs not only in work but in life as well. The last thing that I learned at the expo was actually something I never even thought of this whole time that I have been working for a plant company and that is, that there are other businesses and people out there just like me.  It was so refreshing to hear stories from other people within the plant world, not just technicians, but vendors, business owners, next generation horticulturists, and plant lovers.  I was able to get a whole other view on my job and I learned that it’s not just about my company, it’s about everyone as a whole, we all make up this beautiful industry and each of us keep it beautiful by coming together to share ideas, stories, and lessons that we can reflect back on the world.

Written By: Michael Dykhoff ~ Interior Plant Technican for Personal Plant Service in Orange County


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