"Gardening is my way of giving something of beauty back to the world."

Debra Ringler

I founded the Personal Plant Service in 1982, and consider it a blessing to continue in a business that I still love after 25 years. It's a challenging job to keep plants thriving in a constantly changing environments, but I spend a lot of time training my staff and instilling in them our mission which is to provide quality service while remaining personable and attentive to our customers needs. We focus on what I call the Triple A's of professionalism: Appearance, Attitude and Action. I believe clients have more confidence in people with a professional appearance, thus our team out in the field wear uniforms and name tags so we can be easily identified. Clients appreciate working with us because we have good attitudes. We want our interaction with you to be positive and realize we are entering your personal space and we try to be sensitive to that. I empower my staff to be action oriented, and follow through on their commitments. I have a wonderful staff, who I enjoy working with, and I would like to introduce them to you.

Anna Sahagun

Anna Sahagun has been with the Personal Plant Service for almost 10 years. Anna and I had served on the board of a single mom ministry at our church and I soon found her to be faithful to follow through on all she promised to do. She has brought this faithfulness to our company by providing consistent and thorough plant care with a smile. Anna is an employee who sincerely desires to provide her customers with the very best service, and will do whatever she is asked without complaint; just do not mess with her tools or treasured water machine! Her continued faithfulness has been an asset to our company, and we are grateful to have her on our team.