Here are some websites we like:

  Another National Organization we contribute to is Green Plants for Green Buildings. This organization is dedicated to educating people on the many benefits that plants provide when used in an interior setting. This site contains numerous case studies that explain physical and financial savings to be had when plants are a part of your environment.   Monrovia Growersis known for their unique selection of unusual exterior plant material. I am drawn to their plants because they grow plants that you can't find growing on every corner you pass. Their vast plant directory contains a variety of photos of each plant along with it's planting requirements and more. Horticultural Therapy is an emerging profession that we feel passionate about. Everyone relates to plants and The American Horticultural Therapy Association provides a wide-range of benefits for people in therapeutic, vocational, and wellness programs. Plants heal, spread the word! Proven Winners website is a fun website that we just had to include. We often use an assortment of their beautiful and unique plants for exterior container gardens. Although our favorite feature of their site is definitely their "container recipes." You can search by season, pot, size, color, plant name or sun exposure and with a click of the mouse you're an instant designer!