Comments by students from Interior Plantscaping class  "You are the most on target and dedicated teacher I have ever had at the college level, and I have two masters degrees and a full course of interior design training from an private school, so I have really been around the block as a student.   Thank you for being so supportive and really teaching us how to actually keep plants alive and keep from being killed by our clients.  It is invaluable information. I think that most of the time teachers have no idea how good or bad they are because they don’t often get to see their colleagues teach. I have deep respect for your work and the way you nurture us students." - Linda Klein, Interior Designer and student OCC 2008 "Mrs. Ringler shows a genuine desire to help you any way she can to further your knowledge of the interior plantscaping industry..." - anonymous student OCC 2007 "Mrs. Ringler clearly and effectively relays information to the class. She is a great teacher!" -anonymous student OCC 2007 "The passion you show towards plants and people is contagious! You are a born teacher..." - Erica Bogart, student OCC 2007 "I felt the class exceeded my expectations from day one. The passion, preparation and energy in the class definitely inspired me to try this business out..." - Miko Morita, student OCC 2007