I have been a member of PIA since it’s beginning in the early 80’s. I have volunteered where I could throughout the years, but have always been interested in the education side of their programs. I was honored when I was asked to help create and speak on two topics over the last two years. I co-wrote a seminar about Profitable Patioscaping for the Interiorscaper in 2006, and another called What’s Bugging You about the pests and diseases we face in the Interior Landscape. I had opportunity to present this seminar in Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin as well as my home town of Costa Mesa.  I have been asked again this year to write a seminar about Customer Service in a Tough Economy that I will have opportunity to present through PIA in 2009.   "In my capacity as the Chairperson of Education for PIA (Plant Industry Alliance) I had the great pleasure of working with Deb Ringler.  During 2008 she created and taught the class “What’s Bugging You?”.  As I worked with Deb I was amazed at how thorough her research was.  The end result was an extremely comprehensive class on Pests and Diseases that affect indoor plants.  The truly amazing part was when Deb was actually teaching the class.  She not only made learning about bugs interesting, she made it fun! She taught 146 PIA members and received an overall score of 4.90 out of 5.0 which is almost unheard of!!  Deb also volunteered for the Education Committee and made every commitment with a generous and helpful spirit.  Deb has graciously agreed to teach for PIA again in 2009 and I really look forward to working with her again. " Celeste Frogner - PIA Education Chair   Comments by students from What's Bugging You? seminar  [2008] "She was a very enthusiastic and well spoken woman.  I enjoyed her very much." - Austin, TX "Very informative seminar--would love to come to more seminars in which Deb would speak." - Austin, TX "Fun, Pleasant, Interactive and even funny!" - Seattle, WA "Lively and engaging and wore a nice yellow shirt." - Seattle, WA