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Well we hope you have caught your breath from the holidays, put away all your decorations and are ready to head into another year.  We wanted to get this newsletter to you sooner, but we have been busy helping you take your decorations down and replacing all your poinsettias with fresh color for the New Year.  In fact if we remain as busy as we have been the last 3 weeks, it is going to be a great year.  Despite the challenging economy, we have continued to get new customers and  instead of cutting corners we have remained  committed to providing our clients with quality service, creative designs and educating the public at large on the benefits of plants. Both Miko and Deb are certified within the industry for Interior Landscaping and this last month we had to gather all our hours to renew our certification which requires a minimum of 24 hours of continued education.  Our entire crew ended up having well over 150 hours combined in attending seminars, speaking and educating people of all ages and volunteering our time to benefit others, and having a lot of fun in the process! Some of my personal highlights were:

Presenting “Unlocking the Interior Plant Maze” at Rogers Gardens in the spring.

Going on a visit to Roger’s after the beach one day as a young teenager inspired me to explore the Horticulture field.  Having the opportunity to do a presentation 30 years later was a full circle moment for me! In June the Special Olympics comes to Cal State Long Beach and Miko and I have loved volunteering at the Toyota Village  Pot-a-Plant booth these last several years together.  For more details check out an article Miko wrote, HERE or in our Therapy Section under Pot-A-Plant we have a bunch of great photos. In July we had two opportunities to expose young minds to the wonders of plants. We set up a booth at the Grand Opening for Living Green Nursery (formally Laguna Hills Nursery). We taught children visiting the booth how to transplant houseplants which they got to take home.  We also educated the parents about the actual health benefits plants can offer the interior environment. Then a week later we got to teach a small group of children at the Pacific Club Kid’s Camp about photosynthesis; we painted pots and transplanted plants.  See the video HERE.  We had a blast! Lastly in the fall we attended Calscape our yearly industry convention in San Diego.  Miko entered the color bowl competition and won second place! I was so proud of her and grateful she received recognition among our peers for her amazing creativity!

We look forward to serving you again this year, and making your world a greener place to be!


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