Plant of the Month – Succulents Indoors

In what other plant group can you find such an assortment of foliage shapes from green globes to finger-like forms to tree types? The patterns and colors of leaves or stems are amazingly varied, and the often-spectacular flowers; some like water lilies or daisies; appear in striking contrast to the fascinating plants.  Succulents Indoors has got to be one of the most unique plant families that can create spectacular arrangements your guest will without a doubt “oooooow” and “ahhhhhh” over. Many succulent plants come from the Tropics and Subtropics such as semi-deserts and high deserts, so they have a tolerance for surviving longer in dry conditions and little soil. This makes them low-maintenance, tolerant and easy to care for, perfect for the stress a home or office can take on a plant!  Succulents like bright indirect light indoors, if exposed to direct light they can sometimes sunburn.   Water these gems thoroughly, but let the soil completely dry before watering again.  Avoid soils with high organic content and stick with a fast-draining cactus mix. There are so many uses for such a large family of plants from the Cactaceae Plant Family.  But as always, I have to give my two cents and let you know my personal favorite use of Succulents Indoors is in orchid arrangements.  They make the perfect pair not only visually, but also their light and water requirements are surprisingly similar.  A delicate Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchid planted with trailing and rosette-formed succulents at the base of it’s graceful stem keep your eyes in a constant state of attention.  You can match the rainbow of colors that an orchid comes in with the equally colorful foliage of the succulents or create a sophisticated arrangement with a simple white orchid and succulents in various shades of green.   Mixing and matching is part of the fun and the possibilities are endless. Other great ideas for Succulents Indoors:
  • Dish gardens - create a miniature landscape of texture and form.
  • Low table arrangements - Pick 1 variety of succulent and repeat it in small individual containers or a long thin container to give a modern appearance.
  • The Vintage Look - Use soup cans or mason jars as containers for succulents and it will give your plants a rustic look.
  • Modern Succulents - Plant succulents in a clear glass vase, it can be short or tall, but be sure to fill the vase with some charcoal at the bottom and sand or small pebbles at the top with soil in between.
  • The Finishing Touch - don't forget to top-dressed your creation with large or small stones, river pebbles, designer glass pieces (upscale nurseries carry this in various colors), black, white or colored sand, lava rocks or sea-shells for a beach feel (it's amazing how much succulents looks like coral and sea anemones).


2 Responses to “Plant of the Month – Succulents Indoors”

  1. Deb Ringler on August 29th, 2010 9:43 pm

    Great article, and you have definately been an inspiration in my love for succulents.

  2. mmorita on August 30th, 2010 7:57 pm

    Thanks Deb! They are such wonderful little plants, I am glad to be of inspiration.